Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - LR31.030

Item No.  LR31.030 Type  REV & REC
Description  Planning Board and Board of Finance Recommendations Re: Triennial List of
City-Owned and Leased Real Properties as Transmitted by the Board of Finance
Final Res/Ord #  
Committee  Legislative & Rules Committee Date Final Action  
Date Submitted  06/20/2022 Other  
Submitted By  Sandra Dennies    
Date Document Description Author
08/04/2022 Transmittal of Recommendations    
  0 Haig Avenue Assessor's Card    
   0 Rockrimmon 004/1924 Assessor's Card     
   0 Rockrimmon 004/1925 Assessor's Card   
07/21/2022  Board of Finance Transmittal  
06/28/2022  Planning Board Transmittal  
04/13/2022  Triennal List     
Public Notices   
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