Stamford Board of Representatives

Events - 2010


NRZ Tree Lighting Ceremony 12/09/10
SUT Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 12/16/10
Palmer Square Groundbreaking Ceremony 12/07/10
HarborPoint Tree Lighting Ceremony 12/05/10
Yerwood Center Open House 11/17/10
Fairway Grand Opening Invitation 11/03/10
Veteran's Day Parade 11/07/10
William E. Edwards Academic College Tours, Inc. - Annual Awards Dinner 10/15/10
Old Town Hall dedication 10/10/10
101 Park Place Grand Opening 10/26/10
Italian Cultural Month Events & Columbus Day Dinner Dance 10/1 & 10/9
Stone Soup for the 21st Century - A Resource Expo 10/02/10
Columbus Day Parade 10/10/10
Community Health & Wellness Picnic 2010 - Cove Beach 09/18/10
East Side Day Event 09/18/10
Stamford Professional Firefighters Legislative Day Event 10/09/10
Downtowner Trump Event 09/22/10
2010 Annual Softball Game - Board of Reps. vs. the Mayor's Team 09/14/10
Guns & Hoses Softball Game Fund-Raiser 08/28/10
Invitation to Yerwood Center Gubernatorial Debate 08/02/10
Invitation and information to Peruvian American Community Center events - 7/21 Govt Center Exhibit, 7/24 Gala Dinner & 7/25 Flag Hoisting Various
Invitation to Richmond Hill Bridge Opening Ceremony 07/28/10
Open house on well water safety 07/14/10
Invitation to Mill River Celebration of Restoration of the River 07/07/10
Big Apple Circus Invitation 07/09/10
Yerwood Center Heart Ball Invitation 06/19/10
Notice of Stamford Non-Contact Youth Football Camp 06/01/10
Invitation to CTE Friend-Raiser 06/16/10
Invitation to the Senior Center's 11th Annual Veterans Recognition Event 05/17/10
Invitation to Yerwood Center Family Day 05/15/10
Invitation to Library opening at Chester Addison Community Center 04/24/10
Invitation to Memorial Day Parade 05/30/10
Notice of a Public Hearing by the Health Department for an Advisory Permit - 14 Knapp Street & 500 Newfield Avenue 04/06/10
KT Murphy Spring Fling 04/23/10
Condominium Law Public Education Session; Location: Senior Center, 2nd Floor, Government Center, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 04/15/10
Parks & Recreation Department's "Spring Fling" 03/02/10
SAVE THE DATE - Mayor Pavia's Fund Raiser for Haiti 03/20/10
Mike Freimuth Going Away Party 02/25/10
Dr. Johnnie Lee Going Away Party 02/26/10
Scofieldtown Area Remediation Task Force Meeting 02/18/10
Invitation to Former Police Chief Larrabee's Reception 02/17/10
KT Murphy PTO - Special Meeting 01/28/10
Joint Planning Board/Board of Finance Meeting re: Capital Budget 01/12/10
Mayor's Inaugural Event 01/07/10
Tribute to/Retirement Event for Jeanne Franklin 01/06/10