Stamford Board of Representatives

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Description Date
Letter from BOF Member Sal Gabriele to Mayor Martin 03/13/2018
Call of Special Meeting of Board of Finance on March 19, 2018 by Mayor Martin 03/09/2018
Letter from Stamford Partnership in Support of Land Use Bureau's Request for Appropriation 01/31/2018
Letter from Ellen Bromley re: Neighborhood Grant Program 01/30/2018
Email from Park Police Officer Gould re: Park Regulations 01/16/2018
Email from Rep. Ryan to Leadership re: Pre-Steering Meeting 06/13/2017
Email from Joe Hickey re: Distracted Driving Infractions 05/23/2017
Letter from Rep. Ryan to Freedom of Information Commission 12/20/2016
Letter from Stamford Sail & Power Squadron re: access to marine center 12/13/2016
Letter from Rep. McMullen to Freedom of Information Commission 10/28/2016
Letter from NAACP Membership 08/08/2016
Email response from Mayor Martin to Harbor Master 04/21/2016
Email from Harbor Master re: Claim for Expenses 04/20/2016
Letter from Anna M. Barry re: Status of Stamford TOD Development Project 03/22/2016
Northeast Energy Direct Project Scope Update 06/02/2015
Letter from Gloria Kelley re: UAW Tuition Fund Cut 05/18/2015
Parent Teacher Council of Stamford Response to Pullman & Comley Report 05/08/2015
Email: Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company files draft Resource Reports for the Northeast Energy Direct Project 03/13/2015
Email: Kinder Morgan Confirms Anchor Shippers for Northeast Energy Direct Project 03/05/2015
Email: Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company files updated draft Resource Report for the Northeast Energy Direct Project 12/08/2014
Email: Message from Dr. Hamilton 12/08/2014
Letter re: Project Committee for 200 Strawberry Hill Avenue 10/31/2014
Updated Snow Emergency Routes in Stamford in accordance with Code §231-51 10/28/2014
Email re: Northeast Energy Direct Project Open Houses 10/16/2014
Letter re: Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, LLC, Northeast Energy Direct Project 10/13/2014
Email re; Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. pre-files with FREC its Northeast Energy Direct Project 09/16/2014
Email re: Stamford Animal Control; Heaphy response; Penzel response 08/08-09/2014
Email re: Economic Benefits of No Kill Animal Control 08/07/2014
 Email re: Kinder Morgan Energy Partners Announces Initial Anchor Shippers for Northeast Energy Direct Project 07/30/2014
Letter from DSSD re: Pedestrian Safety 07/24/2014
Email re: Over 1,000 Stamford Citizens Call for "No Kill Equation" at Stamford Animal Shelter (attachments available in office) 07/24/2014
Email re: Police Officer Recruitment Package 07/22/2014
 Letter from Public Safety Dispatchers re: staffing of Emergency Communications Center 07/21/2014
 Email re: Next Ferguson Library Director 07/13/2014
 Email re: Animal Shelter Task Force 07/09/2014
 Email re: 543 Citizens signed petition 07/08/2014
 Email re: Petition re: modern methods at shelter 07/08/2014
 Email re: New Animal Control Center 07/07/2014
 Email re: Policies & Procedures for Animal Shelter  07/06/2014
 Email re: street closings/no parking for July 5, 2014 07/03/2014
 Email re: Cummings Park, West Beach, and Cummings Marina master plan update 07/03/2014
 Email  re: Question of Unjust Promotional Practices 07/02/2014
Email re: The Laurie Hollywood Issue - Some Input and E. Heaphy response 07/01/2014
Email re: Taxis 06/30/2014
Email re: Animal Shelter and E. Heaphy response 06/30/2014
Letter from Harbor Management Commission re: Future of Stamford Harbor 06/18/2014
Email re: Springdale School 06/20/2014
Email re: Springdale school overcrowded 06/19/14
Email re: Springdale School Over-Crowding 06/16/14
Letter from CT DOT notifying the Mayor that the State will be incorporating a portion of South State Street, from Greenwich Ave. easterly to Elm Street, into the State highway system, effective noon on May 30, 2014.   03/31/14
Press Release from Childcare Learning Centers re: hiring of interim Director 02/19/14
Press Release from Chief Jacobellis regarding a FEMA SAFER grant 02/07/14
Email re: "Cynthia Smith - Deceased - Left Estate to Stamford Animal Control 01/29/14
Letter from Mayor Pavia announcing appointment to Ferguson Library Board of Trustees 10/15/13
Press Release - Renaming of a portion of Washington Boulevard after Chief Special Warfare Operator (Seal) Brian Robert Bill 09/16/13
Notice of appointment to Housing Authority 10/16/12
Letter from Charter Oak Communities 09/06/12
Letter from Sal Gabriele to K. Povodator, Esq., re: FOIA 02/21/12
Letter from Leadership to Michael Larobina, Esq. regarding payment of legal fees 08/15/11
Letter appointing Dr. Edward Schuster to the Ferguson Library Board 04/ 20/11
Response to Letter below from President Skigen 10/20/10
Letter from Reps. Sklover, Savage, Uva and Taylor to President Skigen re: Board of Finance legal issue 10/18/10
FOI Request from Karen Murphy/Law Dept. Response 06/17/10
Notice of Harbor Point Improvement District 2d Public Hearing 06/16/10
Harbor Point Improvement District Project Activity Report 03/31/10
Thank you letter from The Basilica of St. John's 02/02/10