Stamford Board of Representatives

Key Issues


Approved at 09/08/14 Board Meeting:

  • David Watkins to fill vacancy in 1st District
  • Resolution Authorizing the issuance and sale of not exceeding $22,000,000 City of Stamford GO Bonds to defease Mill River TIF Bonds
  • Ordinance Amending Chapter 231, Vehicles and Traffic to more effectively regulate truck traffic
  • Resolution approving a lease agreement between the City of Stamford and St. John's Roman Catholic Church for a public parking lot between Tresser Blvd.. & Bell St.


Fiscal Committee Meeting 7pm - Agenda 09/29/2014
Water Quality Special Committee 7pm - Agenda 09/29/2014
Performance Metrics Special Committee 6:30pm - Agenda 09/30/2014
Appointments Committee 6:30pm - Agenda 09/30/2014
Personnel Committee 6:30pm Agenda 10/02/2014
Public Safety & Health Committee 7pm - Agenda 10/02/2014
10/06/2014 Regular Board Meeting Agenda
09/08/2014 Regular Board Meeting Action Report and Video
09/08/2014 Steering Committee Minutes and Video
09/15/2014 Transportation Committee Minutes and Video
09/16/2014 Parks & Recreation Committee Minutes and Video
09/17/2014 Education Committee Minutes and Video (Part 1 and Part 2)
09/22/2014 Legislative and Rules Minutes and Video
09/23/2014 HCD/SS Committee Minutes and Video
09/23/2014 Land Use/URC Video
09/29/2014 Fiscal Committee Video
09/29/2014 Water Quality Special Committee Video

Monday 09/22/2014, Legislative & Rules Committee:

Resolution; Approving a License Agreement between the City of Stamford and the State of CT to license space in the Lathon Wider Community Center for a DMV Satellite office.

Monday 09/29/2014, Fiscal Committee

Resolution; Amending the Local Real Estate Conveyance Tax Rate



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