Stamford Board of Representatives

Key Issues

Approved at 05/06/15 Board Meeting:

  •  Resolution - Authorizing the Mayor to Enter into Contract with the State of Connecticut Library for a Historic Documents Preservation Grant
  • Resolution - Sense of the Board Urging the Board of Finance and the Administration to Conduct an Audit of the URC, particularly its obligations with respect to the Trinity deposit and its future revenue stream and related matters
  • Resolution - Authorizing the City to Accept a Gift of $85,000 in Playground Equipment from KaBOOM! Inc. for McKeithan Park
  • Resolution - Approving a Purchase Agreement between Paul D. Plotnick and the City of Stamford for property known as 671 Bedford Street, Stamford, CT
  • Resolution - Authorizing the Mayor to submit the Year 41 Annual Action Plan for the Community Development Program of the City of Stamford
  • Resolution - Increasing the Hours of Parking Meter Enforcement
  • Resolution - Sense of the Board Regarding Proposed CGA HB 6851, An Act Establishing the Connecticut Transit Corridor Development Authority
  • Ordinance - Amending Sec. 231-28, No Through Truck Ordinance, to provide that the Board of Representatives conduct the public hearing instead of the Traffic Authority
Appointments Committee - 7pm - Agenda 05/26/2015
Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Committee - 7:30pm  - Agenda 05/26/2015
State & Commerce Committee - 6:30pm - Agenda 05/27/2015
Operations Committee - 7pm - Agenda 05/27/2015
Cost Savings/Revenue Enhancement Committee - 7pm -CANCELLED  05/28/2015
Public Safety & Health Committee - 7pm - Agenda 05/28/2015
06/01/2015 Regular Board Meeting Agenda
05/04/2015 Special Board Meeting Action Report (The video for this meeting will not be posted due to technical difficulties)
05/06/2015 Regular Board Meeting Action Report and Video
05/18/2015 Transportation Committee Minutes and Video
05/18/2015 Stamford Water Quality Committee Minutes and Video
05/19/2015 HCD/SS Committee Minutes and Video
05/20/2015 Education Committee Minutes and Video (Pt. 1 & Pt. 2)
05/21/2015 Parks & Recreation Committee Minutes and Video



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