Stamford Board of Representatives

Key Issues

Key Item Approved at 1/6/20 Board Meeting:

  • Appointing Frank Cerasoli to fill the vacancy on the Board of Finance
  • Approving the Appointment of Rebecca Shannonhouse and Elena Kalman to the Historic Preservation Advisory Commission
  • Approving the Reappointment of Peggy Cobb, M.D., to the Health Commission
  • Resolution Approving an Amendment to the Lease Agreement with Representative Himes for Office Space on the 10th Floor of the Government Center
  • Approving an Agreement with PMA Management Corp of New England; RFP No. 731 Workers' Compensation & Heart and Hypertension Claims Administration
  • Resolution Supporting the 2020 Census
Legislative and Rules Committee Meeting - 7:00 pmAgenda 01/21/2020
Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting - 7:00 pmAgenda 01/21/2020
Education Committee Meeting - 6:30 pm Agenda 01/22/2020
Transportation Committee Meeting - 7:00 pm Agenda 01/23/2020
State & Commerce Committee Meeting - 7:00 pm Agenda 01/23/2020
02/03/2020 Regular Board Meeting Agenda
01/06/2020 Regular Board Meeting Action Report and Video
01/14/2020 Special Board Meeting Action Report and Video
01/13/2020 Steering Committee Minutes and Video
01/15/2020 Public Safety & Health Committee Meeting Agenda and Video
01/21/2020 Legislative and Rules Committee Meeting Agenda
01/21/2020 Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting Agenda
01/22/2020 Education Committee Meeting Agenda
01/23/2020 Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda
01/23/2020 State & Commerce Committee Meeting Agenda
01/27/2020 Housing/Community Development & Social Services Committee Meeting Agenda
01/27/2020 Fiscal Committee Meeting Agenda
01/28/2020 Appointments Committee Meeting Agenda
01/28/2020 Operations Committee Meeting Agenda
01/29/2020 Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Committee Meeting Agenda
02/11/2020 Housing/Community Development & Social Services Committee Meeting Agenda



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