Stamford Board of Representatives

Key Issues

Key Items Currently in Committee:

  • ORDINANCE Amending Chapter 111. Public Safety and Animal Welfare
  • ORDINANCE Amending §214- 29 of the Code of Ordinances, Excavation Permit Required

Key Items Approved at 05/02/16 Board Meeting:

  • APPROVAL; License agreement between Vineyard Vines Retail and the City of Stamford for PD Harbor Unit Substation
  • ORDINANCE; Concerning a Tax Abatement Agreement Among The City Of Stamford and Park 215 Limited Partnership and The Housing Authority of The City Of Stamford for 47 Below Market Units Located At 195-215 Stillwater Ave
  • ORDINANCE; Amendment to Chapter 200, Sewers, Section 200-41, Regarding the Levy of Sewer Connection Charges by the WPCA
  • APPROVAL; Agreement with Dewberry Engineers, Inc. for Construction Administration and Inspections at the Merriebrook Lane Bridge
  • APPROVAL; Agreement with PINACOM, Inc. d/b/a/ Avalon IT Systems RFP #6991-Administrative Services for Police Dept. Extra Duty Employment
  • RESOLUTION; Authorizing the Mayor to Submit the Year 42 Annual Action Plan for the Community Development Program of the City of Stamford, Connecticut and APPROVAL; Year 42 CDBG Budget



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