Stamford Board of Representatives

Key Issues

Key Items Approved at 06/05/17 Board Meeting:

  • Appointment of Michael Tedder to Parks & Recreation Commissione
  • Ordinance Repealing Sec. 47-17; Requiring Contractors To Directly Perform 30% of Public Works Projects
  • Ordinance Repealing Chapter 6, Article XI of the Code of Ordinances, Concerning the Smith House Board of Directors
  • Ordinance Repealing Chapter 40, Article XLIV of the Code of Ordinances, Concerning the Executive Director - Smith House
  • Resolution Approving a Real Estate Sales agreement between the Housing Authority of the City of Stamford and the City of Stamford for the Purchase of 108, 172 and 186 Greenwich Avenue (Czescik Homes)
  • Ordinance Designating The Position of Traffic Engineer as Unclassified
  • Approval of Tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement between the City of Stamford and The Stamford Municipal Nurses Association for the July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2019
  • Resolution Approving the Donation of City-Owned Property to 72 Franklin LLC
  • Ordinance; Process For Food Truck Vendors To Request And Obtain Permission To Sell Food and Beverages in Stamford, and the Enforcement Procedures
  • Resolution Approving a List of Programs to the State Dept. of Revenue Services in Accordance with the Provisions of the Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act
Cost Savings & Revenue Enhancement Committee Meeting - 6:30 pm -  Agenda 06/26/2017
Fiscal Committee Meeting - 7 pm -  Agenda 06/26/2017
Appointments Committee Meeting - 6 pm - Agenda 06/27/2017
Legislative & Rules Committee Meeting - 7 pm - Agenda 06/27/2017
Personnel Committee Meeting - 7 pm - Agenda 06/28/2017
Transportation Committee Meeting - 7 pm - Agenda 06/29/2017
07/10/2017 Regular Board Meeting Agenda
06/05/2017 Regular Board Meeting Action Report and Video
06/12/2017 Pre-Steering Meeting Minutes and Video
06/12/2017 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes and Video
06/21/2017 Education Committee Meeting Minutes and Video
06/22/2017 Water Quality Committee Meeting Agenda
06/22/2017 Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting Agenda
06/26/2017 Cost Savings & Revenue Enhancement Committee Meeting Agenda
06/26/2017 Fiscal Committee Meeting Agenda
06/27/2017 Appointments Committee Meeting Agenda
06/27/2017 Legislative & Rules Committee Meeting Agenda
06/28/2017 Personnel Committee Meeting Agenda
06/29/2017 Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda
07/05/2017 Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Committee Meeting Agenda
07/06/2017 Operations Committee Meeting Agenda




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