Stamford Board of Representatives

Key Issues


Approved at 08/04/14 Board Meeting:

  • Virgil de la Cruz to fill vacancy in 2nd District
  • Resolution Creating a Special Committee for the Development and Proposal of Performance Metrics
  • Resolution Creating a Special Committee for Cost Savings and Revenue Enhancement
  • Resolution Requesting Additions to and Enforcement of State Regulations of Taxicab and Livery Services


Cost Savings and Revenue Enhancement Committee - Agenda
State and Commerce Committee - Agenda 09/03/2014
08/04/2014 Board Meeting Action Report and Video
09/08/2014 Regular Board Meeting Agenda
08/12/2014 Land Use/UR Committee Report and Video
08/18/2014 Fiscal Committee Report and Video
08/19/2014 HCD/SS Committee Video (Part 1 and Part 2)
08/19/2014 Parks and Recreation Committee Report and Video
08/20/2014 Education Committee Report and Video
08/20/2014 Personnel Committee Report and Video
08/21/2014 Transportation Committee Report and Video
08/25/2014 Legislative and Rules Committee Video
08/26/2014 Land Use/UR Committee Video
08/27/2014 Operations Committee Video



Transportation Committee 08/21/2014

  • ORDINANCE amending Chapter 231, Vehicles and Traffic, Sections 231-25, 231-29 and 231-30, to more effectively Regulate Truck Traffic by changing gross weight of regulated vehicles, by removing the commercial registration limitation and by increasing the monetary impact of violations.
  • RESOLUTION approving a lease agreement between the City of Stamford and St. John's Roman Catholic Church for a Public Parking Lot between Tresser Blvd. & Bell Street.



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