Stamford Board of Representatives

Key Issues

Key Items Approved at 2/4/19 Board Meeting:

  • Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 1243, Concerning Non-Biodegradable Disposable Carryout Bags by amending §6(B)
  • Resolution Concerning Building Permit Fees, and Grandfather Clause, if Applicable
  • Ordinance Amending Code §137-10, Tipping Fees.
  • Approval of AIA Construction Manager as Constructor Agreement between City of Stamford and Bismark Construction Company, Inc. as Construction Manager
  • Resolution Setting Fees For Miscellaneous Health Inspections and Testing
  • Resolution Setting Building and Associated Plan Review Fees Charged by the Health Department.
  • Resolution Increasing the Golf Permit Fee rate
  • Resolution Approving Fees for Use of Ballfields
  • Resolution Urging the Federal Government to Pass Legislation in Support of a National Revenue Neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend in Order to Help Slow Climate Change
Public Safety & Health Committee Meeting 6:30 pm-Agenda  CANCELLED!!  02/20/2019
Personnel Committee Meeting 7:00 pm-Agenda CANCELLED!! Rescheduled for 2/27/2019 Agenda  02/20/2019
State & Commerce Committee Meeting - 7:00 pm - Agenda  02/21/2019
Transportation Committee Meeting - 7:00 pm -  UPDATED!! Agenda  02/21/2019 
03/04/2019 Regular Board Meeting Agenda
02/04/2019 Regular Board Meeting Action Report and Video
02/11/2019 Special Board Meeting Action Report and Video
01/07/2019 Regular Board Meeting Minutes and Video
02/11/2019 Steering Committee Minutes and Video
02/11/2019 Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Committee Special Meeting Minutes and Video
02/12/2019 Housing/Community Development/Social Services Committee Meeting Agenda CANCELLED!!!
02/19/2019 Legislative & Rules Committee Meeting Minutes and Video
02/19/2019 Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting Agenda and Video
02/20/2019 Public Safety & Health Committee Meeting Agenda CANCELLED!!
02/20/2019 Personnel Committee Meeting Agenda  CANCELLED!!
02/21/2019 State & Commerce Committee Meeting Agenda
02/21/2019 Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda
02/25/2019 Fiscal Committee Meeting Agenda
02/25/2019 RESCHEDULED!! Housing/Community Development/Social Services Committee Meeting Agenda
02/26/2019 Appointments Committee Meeting Agenda
02/26/2019 Operations Committee Meeting Agenda
02/27/2019 Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Committee Meeting Agenda
02/27/2019 RESCHEDULED!!  Personnel Committee Meeting Agenda
02/28/2019 Education Committee Meeting Agenda
02/28/2019 Communications Committee Meeting Agenda



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