Stamford Board of Representatives

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Date Item Number
Letter from Stamford Partnership in Support of Land Use Bureau's Request for Appropriation 01/30/2018  
Letter from Karen Murphy re: Ferry Terminal 08/30/12   
Letter re: charter revision/fire plan 04/27/12  
Notice of Manfredonia parole hearing 02/03/12  
 Communication from LaRouche Political Action Committee 06/10/10  
Memo re: Bid Waiver - Audit Services 04/27/10   
Email from constituent re: advertising & city owned property 04/28/10   
Letter from Karen Murphy re: Planning Board Meeting 01/04/10  
Letter regarding ECS funding cut from PT Council 12/02/09  
Letter from M. Rondano, Inc. re: Aquarion contract/competitive bidding 10/28/09  
Email from Louis Basel re: Stamford WPCA Plans for Waste to Energy Project 08/11/09   
Communication from Stamford Taxpayers PAC regarding the Waste-to-Energy Plant
 - April 27 letter from Stamford Taxpayers PAC to Board of Reps
 - May 1 memo from Ben Barnes to Randy Skigen (responding to above letter)
 - 6/30/09 rebuttal from Stamford Taxpayers Pac (to Barnes' 5/1/9 memo) with Exhibit A & Exhibit B
Letter to editor re: city fiscal practices 8/6/08 n/a
Response by Office of Administration to above letter to editor 8/6/08 n/a
Response to above Office of Administration response 8/15/08 n/a