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Preemption Issues Involving Ordinance on Motor Vehicle Excessive Noise   01/19/2024 LR31.060
Update on Restrictions on Puppy Sales 12/20/2023 02/07/2024  
Town Clerk employee serving as Elected Official   11/08/2023  
Ability of BOR to Regulate Grandfathered Smoke Shop Signs 10/18/2023  01/12/2024  
Federal Preemption of State and Municipal Regulation re 5G Technology   10/13/2023 LU31.032
Operation of §23-18.4.B 10/03/2023    
Charter Referendum Date   09/06/2023 CR31.014
Proposed Charter Revision - Transitional Provisions (Sec. C9-40-1)   08/17/2023  
Ordinance re: Fines for Inoperable Elevators   02/15/2023 PS31.037
Authority of BOR over Surface of Athletic Fields   01/10/2023 PR31.011
Authority of the City to Require Utilities to Install Electric Lines Underground   09/15/2022 O31.020
Meaning of Code § 9-6.A(2) 07/19/2022   LR31.024
Approval of Additional Mill Rate   05/17/2022 F31.066
Process for Acceptance of Private Roads 04/20/2022  10/25/2022  
Proposed Change to Board Rule re: When Public may Speak on an Item   03/01/2022  
Resolution Requesting Referral of Zoning Board Appeal Petition 01/28/2022 02/07/2022 LU31.004
Review of Charter Commission Candidates in Executive Session 01/26/2022 02/02/2022  
Speaking at Public Comment Period on Items Subject to Public Hearing 01/21/2022 03/01/2022 LR31.008
Ability of Board to hold remote meetings 01/12/2022 01/25/2022 LR31.013
Charter Commission Membership 12/10/2021 12/14/2021  
Caucus Meetings and FOIA 12/13/2021 12/23/2021  
Appointments Commission Membership   12/13/2021  
Public Hearing Requirement re: Adopting/Amending Ordinances   10/12/2021  
Clarification and/or ability to Change the description of Commercial Vehicles  that may be restricted from parking on Residential Streets 8/23/2021 09/16/2021 T30.068
Board of Ethics Use of Outside Arbitrator instead of Hearing Board 06/25/2021 07/14/2021 COE30.005
Need for Appropriation for Pre-Fab West Main Street Bridge 06/09/2021 06/24/2021 O30.065
Timing of Board of Ethics  Notice of Disposition 06/03/2021 06/14/2021 COE30.005
Amendment to Himes Lease and Code §9.7(b) 05/19/2021 06/04/2021  LR30.108
Sale of 670 Pacific Street, South End Fire Station No. 2   04/15/2021 O30.069
Enforcement of Violation of §201-12 - Waiver of Warning Requirement/Increasing fees on businesses   03/22/2021 PS30.083
Creation of Solarize Committee 02/08/2021   O30.081
Proposed Ordinance Regulating Fur Trade 02/08/2021   LR30.105
Possible Conflict of Proposed Rule Change re: Emergency Meetings with Executive Order 7B 01/20/2021 01/28/2021 LR30.101
Enforceability of Code Section 179-14, et seq. - Solicitors   01/06/2021  
Charter Revision Timing   01/04/2021  
Voting by phone, text or email during remote meetings   12/01/2020 LR30.101
Follow up Memo re Affordable Housing Trust Fund Ordinance   09/17/2020 HCD30.016
State Preemption of Municipal Air Quality Regulations   09/15/2020 PS30.068
Memo re Affordable Housing Trust Fund Ordinance  (and cited Legal Opinion)   09/03/2020 HCD30.016
Use of Beach Permits in Seasonal Residential Parking Zone 08/11/2020 08/18/2020  
Jurisdiction over Columbus Park Statue   07/24/2020  
 Mural Painting Event 07/15/2020  07/17/2020  
Applicable Fine for Violation of Residential Parking Program 07/10/2020  07/20/2020 T30.053
Authority of Board to Change Name of Columbus Park   06/26/2020  
Use of BMR Fee-in-Lieu Funds   04/21/2020  
Ability to resubmit a motion that previously failed under Robert's Rules of Order   04/14/2020 LU30.040
Authority of Board to Change Rules re: Appointment of Acting President   04/01/2020 LR30.094-95
Remote Electronic Meetings   03/21/2020  
Effects of IRC §1033 on Taxpayer's Tax Liability due to Threatened Eminent Domain   03/03/2020 LU30.032
The Procedure for Acquiring Property by Eminent Domain   01/13/2020 LU30.032
 Preemption of Ordinance Banning Smoking   12/06/2019 PR30.023
Clarification of the role and the procedural authority for the Board of Representatives
as it relates to contract negotiations and approvals for the City.
08/20/2019 09/21/2020 LR30.079
Preemption of Ordinance Prohibiting Sale of Dogs & Cats in Pet Stores 08/19/2019  09/13/2019 LR30.068
Applicability of Charter § C6-120-3 to Leases of City Property used for Park Purposes   08/16/2019 PR30.025
Authority of Board re: South End Historic District Study Committee 07/09/2019  07/15/2019 LU30.030
Expiration Dates for Appointments on Current Agenda     06/20/2019  
Establishment of a Special Revenue Fund for School Capital Projects 02/25/2019  03/15/2019 LR30.058
Board's authority re: ordinance which would limit the maximum property tax increase that could be levied annually & mill rate laws 02/07/2019  04/16/2019  
Whether ordinances were violated by closure of Kosciuszko Park 02/06/2019  02/19/2019 PR30.016
Exclusion of member with conflict from discussion of item in Caucus [withdrawn] 02/06/2019    
Petition for Appeal of Amendments MP-432 & MP-433 under C6-30-7 02/06/2019 02/11/2019 LU30.025
Board's authority re: Commercial Building Permit Fee Exemptions 02/05/2019  02/21/2019  
Use of Resolutions to Create Fees   12/18/2018  
Board's Authority to prohibit wildlife trafficking and/or its related byproducts 12/13/2018   LR30.053
Board's Authority as to funding and staffing of Park Police 12/04/2018  02/15/2019 PR30.012
Board’s authority to regulate various items related to gun safety 11/14/2018   PS30.032-35
Legitimacy of the Board of Representatives relying on the use of resolutions to create or modify a fee or fine versus an ordinance 10/31/2018  11/30/2018  
Authority of Parks & Recreation Commission to issue resolution re: Park Police Minimum Coverage and Authority of Board of Representatives to Implement Resolution 10/24/2018 11/16/2018 PR30.012
Whether changing definition of leaf litter in §201-2 to exclude leaves placed in a roadway during the City's Leaf Collection Program is inconsistent with State law 08/08/2018  08/10/2018  O30.018
Consequences of IRS Disallowance of Contribution to a "Community Supporting Organization" as a Charitable Deduction 08/01/2018  08/20/2018 LR30.042
Waiver of Proposal Process - West Main Street Bridge Design Contract   07/23/2018 O30.016
C6-40-9 legal questions on petition to Board of f Representatives for App. 217-
01, Lifetime Fitness
  06/27/2018 LU30.014
Participation in Appeal of Zoning Board Change to Zoning Regulations 05/25/2018 06/27/2018 LU30.014
Proposed Ordinance re: Shopping Bags 04/04/2018 04/27/2018 LR30.019
Status of Ernie Orgera as Director of Operations   04/17/2018 E30.006
Ordinance requiring sharing of well water testing results with City   03/21/2018 PS30.004
Additional re: Proposed Ordinance re: Plastic Shopping Bags   02/28/2018 LR30.019
Proposed Ordinance re: Plastic Shopping Bags   01/03/2018 LR30.019
Proposed Ordinance re: Change to State Law re: Closure of Building Permits   12/18/2017 LR30.022
Woodway Country Club Lease Approval   08/04/2017  
Proposed Ordinance re: Adjustment of Land Use Fees   07/25/2017 CS29.020
Authority of Board of Representatives to Initiate Building Permit Moratorium   05/18/2017 LU29.086
Affordable Housing Funds allocation   3/15/2017 HCD29.043
Republication of  ordinance   10/03/2016 O29.072
BOR Member in Executive Session of Committee meeting   07/28/2016 F29.436
Waiver of 15 Mile Residency Requirement in Code §40-71   06/03/2016 A29.151
Conflict of Interest - BOR Member Sitting on RFP Selection Committee   03/16/2016  
Holdover Doctrine/Appointed Board and Commission Members (C6-00-4) - ltr from Kathy Emmett   12/22/2015  
Residency Requirement in Charter (§C5-20-20(b))   08/27/2015  
Holdover Doctrine/Appointed Board and Commission Members (C6-00-4)   06/25/2015 A29.108
Holdover Doctrine/Appointed Board and Commission Members (C6-00-4) - long form   06/12/2015 A29.108
BOR Control over BOE Field Use Policy   05/19/15 PR29.029
Appropriation from Contingency   07/02/14 F29.090
Zoning Board Appeal Process   04/04/14  
Withdrawal of Zoning Board Nominee   06/03/13  
Holdover Doctrine/Appointed Board and Commission Members (vis-a-vis 2012 charter revision)   12/21/12  
Dual Office Holding (vis-a-vis 2012 charter revision)   11/29/12  
Dual Office Holding (boards & commissions)   12/30/09 n/a
Frequency of charter revision   12/19/09  
Contract Language regarding gifts & political contributions   08/27/08 F27.445
Golf Carts-Property Tax-E. Gaynor Brennan Golf Course   04/16/08 PR27.029
Successive Phased-In Assessments - Proper Methodology   04/03/08 F27.406
Resolution requiring a revaluation in 2007   07/2007 F27.252
Non-Solicitation Zones/Traffic Enforcement   06/08/06 LR27.011
Rights of owner of 359 Merriebrook to exclude members of public   03/11/05 O29.066
BOF 3-3 vote on WPCA budget   04/14/04  
Appointment of cabinet member (Dir. of Administration) and necessity of resolution for waiver of residency   11/19/03  
Entry of Health Department inspectors on private property   10/23/03  
Board of Finance member serving as Acting Director of Public Safety, Health & Welfare   10/10/03  
Legal Opinion regarding summary publication of ordinances   06/17/03 LR27.098
Ability of BOF re: contingent appropriations in budget process   04/24/03  
Opinion from BOE attorney re:  contingent appropriations in the budget process   04/24/03  
Administration's ability to reduce previously appropriated capital accounts   03/07/03  
Enforcement of code by civil citation   03/05/03  
Interrelationship between land use controls of URC and local zoning regulations   12/21/00  
Preferential points for hiring firefighters based on residency   12/10/01  
Technical questions regarding URCs need for BOR approval re: mill river corridor and Parcel 21   10/31/00  
Right to enact an Affordable Housing Ordinance   02/22/01  
Requirement for zoning permits for properties designated in "Park" Zones   10/02/00  
City's obligation to provide legal representation to city constables   06/02/00  
City's obligation to provide legal representation to elected officials   05/03/00  
Zoning Board Fees   08/12/99  
Powers and Duties of the Parks and Recreation Commission and Golf Commission   05/13/99  
Opinion on terms within noise ordinance   02/12/99 PS25.003
Noise Ordinance Amemdments - domestic power equipment & leaf blowers   02/12/99 PS25.013
Special Act 99-10; increased funding for nursing home staffing   11/08/99  
Powers & Duties of the Parks & Recreation Commission and Golf Commission   05/13/99 n/a
Opinion on terms within noise ordinance   02/12/99 PS25.013
Board of Representatives approval of WPCA budget is an approval of its rate structure   10/07/98  
Springdale Fire Department Agreements; employment of personnel   11/05/97  
Policy oversight by Board of Representatives over Smith House   09/11/97  
Correction of a Scrivener's Error in the Charter   12/18/96 P24.006
Ordinance to Prohibit the possession of tobacco by minors   12/12/96  
Park/Playground Equipment turned over to the City/gifts   03/20/96  
Granting of Bonus Points on Civil Service Exams to Stamford Residents   03/05/96  
Matthew Kosbob Loitering Ordinance   02/16/96  
Dual Office Holding and the Smith House Facilities Governing Board   03/15/88  
Legal requirements re: exemption of city government from zoning regs   05/01/85  
Voting and conflicts of interest by employees of Board of Education who are also elected representatives   05/08/75  
Petitions to BOR to review zoning amendments; guidelines on conflict of interest   04/26/85  
Board of Ethics opinion on BOE employees who are elected representatives voting on the board of education budget   05/10/74  
Voting and conflicts of interest by elected representatives under ethics investigation on candidates for appointment to Board of Ethics   06/20/74  
Relationship of zoning regulations to Stamford's Urban Renewal Plan   08/05/70