Stamford Board of Representatives

The annual budget process begins by March 8th of each year, the date the Charter (§C8-30-2) requires the Mayor to submit the city and Board of Education operating and capital budgets. 

The annual budgets are reviewed by both the Board of Finance and the Fiscal Committee of the Board of Representatives.  Neither the Board of Finance nor the Board of Representatives can add funds to the budget - they can only reduce the amounts requested by the Mayor.

The Fiscal Committee and the Board of Finance conduct budget hearings throughout March and April, including a joint public hearing in mid-March.  Each year, toward the end of April, the Fiscal Committee holds its budget deliberation meeting and makes its recommendations for budget reductions for the full Board's consideration.  The Board of Representatives holds a special meeting each year in late April or early May to approve the final budget.  It is then returned to the Board of Finance no later than May 15 (Charter §C8-30-8).  Thereafter, the Board of Finance sets the mill rate no later than May 25 (Charter §C8-30-10).