Stamford Board of Representatives

The Board of Representatives welcomes communications from city residents.  Because we want your comments to be conveyed accurately, we recommend you put any information that you want to communicate in writing.  Please provide your name and geographic location (if a Stamford resident, either a street or a neighborhood -- for example, the Cove or the West Side; if from outside of Stamford, the city and state).  If you represent an organization, please provide your position (for example, vice-president).   Please also include a method by which the Board Office can contact you -- a valid email address, street address or telephone number.

It is the policy of the current President of the Board that all correspondence directed to the Board of Representatives from members of the public (emails, letters), regardless of content, will be forwarded to members of the Board.  The Board Office will provide complete copies of the original correspondence to any member of the public or the press upon receipt of a proper Freedom of Information request or to honor a valid legal request.

The Board of Representatives does not edit any correspondence and is not responsible for its content or accuracy.