Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - F31.066

Item No.  F31.066 Type  RES
Description Approving An Additional Tax Rate to Provide Funds to a Reserve Fund for
Capital Nonrecurring Expenditures to Support the Funding of Future Capital Projects
Under CGS ยง7-361 As Recommended By The Board Of Finance For Fiscal Year 2022-2023
Final Res/Ord #  4139
Committee  Fiscal Date Final Action  05/23/2022
Date Submitted  05/19/2022 Other  
Submitted By  Board of Finance    
Date Document Description Author
05/24/2022 Transmittal to Board of Finance  
05/23/2022   Final Resolution No. 4139   
05/23/2022 Power Point Presentation Freedman
05/23/2022  Letter from Chair Freedman Freedman
  Draft Resolution   
05/17/2022  Legal Opinion re: approval of additional mill rate   Dalena
05/19/2022  Transmittal from Board of Finance   Freedman
Public Notices   
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