Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - LR30.019

Item No.  LR30.019 Type  REV
Description  Restricting Single-Use Plastic Shopping Bags in Stamford. Final Res/Ord #  1243
Committee  Legislative & Rules Date Final Action  10/01/2018
Date Submitted  12/07/2017 Other  
Submitted By  Rep. Zelinsky    
Date Document Description Author
10/01/2018 Final Ordinance No. 1243  
10/01/2018 Ordinance as amended by Full Board  
10/01/2018 Constituent Communications - Pt. 4  
09/28/2018 Constituent Communications - Pt. 3  
09/20/2018 Ordinance as revised by Committee  
09/20/2018 Constituent Communications - Pt. 2  
09/19/2018 Constituent Communications - Pt. 1  
07/31/2018 Ordinance as revised to correct scrivener's errors  
07/31/2018 BYO Stamford handout  
07/30/2018 E-mail stream w/ Wayne Pesce re: plastic bag thickness Pesce
07/30/2018 Letter from Chamber of Commerce Cavanagh
06/21/2018 Ordinance as Revised by Committee - Clean  
06/21/2018 Ordinance as Revised by Committee - redlined  
06/21/2018 BYOS Survey  
06/21/2018 Revised Whereas Clauses  de la Cruz
06/21/2018 Greenwich Ordinance  
06/21/2018 Letter from Coalition  
06/21/2018 BYO Stamford factsheet  
06/04/2018 Memo from Economic Development Commission  Winkel
05/29/2018 Revised Ordinance  
05/29/2018 Boston Ordinance  
05/26/2018 Email from BYO Stamford   
05/14/2018 Revised Ordinance Jacobson
05/09/2018 Proposed CT State Law to Reduce the Use of Carryout Bags in Retail Sales CT Food Assoc
04/27/2018 Updated Letter from BYO Stamford   
04/27/2018 Updated Letter from Coalition re: Stamford Needs a Comprehensive Single Use Bag Policy   
04/27/2018 Letter from Coalition re: Stamford Needs a Comprehensive Single Use Bag Policy  
04/27/2018 Letter from BYOStamford re: BYO Stamford  
04/27/2018 Legal Opinion Toma
04/24/2018 NYS Plastic Bag Task Force Report  
04/04/2018 Request for Legal Opinion Lee
03/22/2018 Email from Dan Colleluori Colleluori
03/19/2018 Alternate Draft Ordinance  Jacobson
03/14/2018 Draft Ordinance  Toma
02/28/2018  Memo from Mike Toma   Toma
  Westport Ordinance   
10/08/2013  2013 OLR Report   
11/04/2008  2008 OLR Report   
01/03/2018  Memo from Mike Toma   
Public Notices   
Date Document Description
 10/27/2018 Legal Notice   
09/15/2018 Public Hearing Notice