Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - LR30.019

Item No.  LR30.019 Type  ORD
Description  Restricting Single-Use Plastic Shopping Bags in Stamford. Final Res/Ord #  1243
Committee  Legislative & Rules Date Final Action  10/01/2018
Date Submitted  12/07/2017 Other  
Submitted By Reps. Aquila, Coleman, Cottrell, de la Cruz, Fedeli, Giordano, Graziosi, Jacobson,
Kolenberg, Lee, Lion, Lutz, Matherne, Michelson, Miller, Morson, Nabel, Patterson, Pendell,
Pia, Saftic, Sherwood, Stella and Zelinsky
Date Document Description Author
10/01/2018 Final Ordinance No. 1243  
10/01/2018 Ordinance as amended by Full Board  
10/01/2018 Constituent Communications - Pt. 4  
09/28/2018 Constituent Communications - Pt. 3  
09/20/2018 Ordinance as revised by Committee  
09/20/2018 Constituent Communications - Pt. 2  
09/19/2018 Constituent Communications - Pt. 1  
07/31/2018 Ordinance as revised to correct scrivener's errors  
07/31/2018 BYO Stamford handout  
07/30/2018 E-mail stream w/ Wayne Pesce re: plastic bag thickness Pesce
07/30/2018 Letter from Chamber of Commerce Cavanagh
06/21/2018 Ordinance as Revised by Committee - Clean  
06/21/2018 Ordinance as Revised by Committee - redlined  
06/21/2018 BYOS Survey  
06/21/2018 Revised Whereas Clauses  de la Cruz
06/21/2018 Greenwich Ordinance  
06/21/2018 Letter from Coalition  
06/21/2018 BYO Stamford factsheet  
06/04/2018 Memo from Economic Development Commission  Winkel
05/29/2018 Revised Ordinance  
05/29/2018 Boston Ordinance  
05/26/2018 Email from BYO Stamford   
05/14/2018 Revised Ordinance Jacobson
05/09/2018 Proposed CT State Law to Reduce the Use of Carryout Bags in Retail Sales CT Food Assoc
04/27/2018 Updated Letter from BYO Stamford   
04/27/2018 Updated Letter from Coalition re: Stamford Needs a Comprehensive Single Use Bag Policy   
04/27/2018 Letter from Coalition re: Stamford Needs a Comprehensive Single Use Bag Policy  
04/27/2018 Letter from BYOStamford re: BYO Stamford  
04/27/2018 Legal Opinion Toma
04/24/2018 NYS Plastic Bag Task Force Report  
04/04/2018 Request for Legal Opinion Lee
03/22/2018 Email from Dan Colleluori Colleluori
03/19/2018 Alternate Draft Ordinance  Jacobson
03/14/2018 Draft Ordinance  Toma
02/28/2018  Memo from Mike Toma   Toma
  Westport Ordinance   
10/08/2013  2013 OLR Report   
11/04/2008  2008 OLR Report   
01/03/2018  Memo from Mike Toma   
Public Notices   
Date Document Description
 10/27/2018 Legal Notice   
09/15/2018 Public Hearing Notice