Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - LR30.046 (Originally PS30.013)

Item No.  LR30.046 Type  REV
Description  Exterior Lighting Regulations Final Res/Ord #  
Committee  Public Safety & Health Date Final Action  
Date Submitted 7/11/2018 Other  
Submitted By  Rep. Lion    
Date Document Description Author
11/16/2018 Consultant's Report Marchetti Consulting Engineers
2009 Model Outdoor Lighting Ordinance Indian Valley RPC
12/20/2018 Cambridge, MA proposed outdoor lighting ordinance  
12/20/2018 Additional Model Lighting Ordinance  
9/16/2016  Street Light System Budget and KWh history  
06/15/2011 Model Lighting Ordinance Illuminating Engineering Society
08/02/2018  Handout  
07/11/2018 Draft Ordinance  Rep Lion
Public Notices   
Date Document Description