Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - LU29.067

Item No.  LU29.067 Type  RES
Description Approval of Director of Administration's Final Report Dated April 5, 2016 Concerning the Discontinuance
of Waterside Place and an Unnamed Highway and Directing that Such Discontinuance by Carried Out
Final Res/Ord # 3795
Committee Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Date Final Action 06/06/2016
Date Submitted 04/06/2016 Other  
Submitted By Mayor Martin    
Date Document Description Author
06/06/2016   Final Resolution No. 3795   
04/13/2016  Planning Board Approval   
04/06/2016   Draft Resolution   Rosenson
04/05/2016   Director of Administration's Report   Handler
03/23/2016   Public Hearing Minutes  Handler
04/05/2016   Mayor's Report   Martin
Public Notices   
Date Document Description
5/19/2016  Public Hearing Notice