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New Items Posted

  •  May 1976 DEP Report on Bartlett Chemical Spill
  •  June 1, 1973 letter from DEP re: Stamford - Bartlett Chemical Spill
  •  Updated Map - test resulst (5/31/11)
  •  Email regarding comments on Phase II Proposal - Bartlett Arboretum (10/18/10)
  • Updated City and Private Well Testing Map
  • Additional Appropriation Request for Well Testing Program
  • Final Phase I Report - Bartlett Arboretum
  •  Status Report on Bartlett Arboretum
  •  7/27/10 Letter from NSCCE with recommendations for UCONN contract
  • The Public Safety & Health Committee took up the matter of the contract between the City of Stamford and UCONN at its July 1, 2010 meeting. The Committee Report for the meeting can be accessed here
  •  Click here for the June 9, 2010 meeting video
  •  5/10/10 Letter from Health Department regarding well testing
  •  Public Safety & Health Committee Report - minutes of meeting re: approval of UCONN Contract
  •  Dr. Robbins's Response to Questions on UCONN Research Scope
  •  City of Stamford-UCONN Contract