Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - O30.024

Item No.  O30.024 Type  RES
Description  Concerning Building Permit Fees Final Res/Ord #  3930
Committee  Operations Date Final Action  02/04/2019
Date Submitted  10/04/2018 Other  
Submitted By Mayor Martin    
Date Document Description Author
02/04/2019 Final Resolution No. 3930  
02/04/2019 Resolution as Approved by Full Board  
01/29/2019 Resolution as Amended by Committee  
01/29/2019 Email between Rep. Sherwood and Jim Turcio  
01/29/2019 Permit Fee Chart Sherwood
01/29/2019 Email between Rep. Sherwood and Mayor Boughton and linked article  
01/29/2019 Email in Opposition from Mike Cottle Cottle
01/28/2019 Letter in Opposition from Chamber of Commerce Cavanaugh
01/18/2019 Grandfathering Policy related to Fee Increase Gami
01/17/2019 Email from Rep. Pia re: Building Permit Fees - Adjustments   
01/17/2019 Zoning Board Approvals - Development Pipeline - 1/14/19  
01/15/2019 Email from Laura Burwick re: Fiscal 2018 Commercial and Multifamily Projects  
01/14/2019 Emails between Rep. Jacobson and E. Bromley re: deeply affordable housing  
01/14/2019 Statement from Charter Oak Communities  
01/07/2019 Resolution as Amended by Full Board  
01/03/2019 Email from Laura Burwick  
11/30/2018 Email from Laura Burwick  
11/28/2018  Resolution as amended by Committee   
11/26/2018  Building Permit Overview   
11/26/2108  Information from Building Department (corrected from 11/15/18)   
10/23/2018  Building Permit Fee Changes   
10/12/2018  Draft Resolution   
Public Notices   
Date Document Description
01/18/2019 Public Hearing Notice   
12/13/2018 Public Hearing Notice