Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - O30.094

Item No.  O30.094 Type  ORD
Description Prohibiting the Use and Application of Non-Organic Pesticides, Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides,
Rodenticides or Fertilizer on City-Owned Properties. 
Final Res/Ord #  
Committee  Operations Date Final Action  
Date Submitted  06/07/2021 Other  
Submitted By   Reps. Sherwood, Jacobson, Figueroa, Cottrell, Patterson, Saftic and Pratt and Mayor Martin    
Date Document Description Author
 09/08/2021 Final Ordinance No. 1279  
08/24/2021 Parks & Recreation Commission letter   
08/24/2021 Pollinator Pathway NE letter   
08/24/2021 Public Comments  
08/20/2021 Beyond Pesticides Statement  
08/19/2021  Constituent Communication Clay
08/03/2021 EPA 5/12/2021 Update provided by Rep. McMullen  
08/03/2021 EPA glyphosate information provided by Rep. McMullen  
08/02/2021 Rep. McMullen proposed amendment  
07/27/2021 Draft Ordinance as Amended by Committee - Redline and Clean versions  
07/27/2021 EPA 2,4-D product description provided by Reps. Mahoney and McMullen  
07/27/2021  Information from Sarah Evans   
07/20/2021   Backup provided by Rep. Sherwood - Part 1 and Part 2   
 06/28/2021 Draft Ordinance with Mayor Martin's requested revisions   
06/24/2021 Fact sheet on Glyphosate   
06/17/2021  Draft Ordinance   
Public Notices   
Date Document Description
 09/21/2021 Notice of Final Adoption   
 08/13/2021 Public Hearing Notice