Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - PS30.041

Item No.  PS30.041 Type  ORD
Description Amending Chapter 171 Oil And Gas Drilling, Article I. - Prohibition Of Wastes Generated From Oil
And Gas Drilling And Extraction Activities
Final Res/Ord #  1258
Committee  Public Safety & Health Date Final Action  07/01/2019
Date Submitted  04/24/2019 Other  
Submitted By  Mayor Martin    
Date Document Description Author
07/01/2019 Final Ordinance No. 1258  
06/03/2019 Ordinance as Amended by Full Board  
05/30/2019 Ordinance as Amended by Committee  
05/30/2019 Greenwich Ordinance  
05/30/2019 Mayor's Presentation Mayor's Office
05/30/2019 Proposed Language Suskind/Burwick
05/30/2019 Suskind Presentation May 2019 Suskind
05/30/2019 Suskind Research Highlights Suskind
05/30/2019 O&G Key Points Purchasing Data  
05/30/2019 O&G Asphalt Purchases  
05/30/2019 Part 1 and Part 2 O&G Raw Data  
05/30/2019 Part 1 and Part 2 O&G Invoices   
05/29/2019 Email from Mike Toma  Toma
05/24/2019   Email from Mike Toma in response to McMullen email   Toma
05/24/2019   Email from Rep. McMullen   McMullen
05/23/2019  Email from Laura Burwick re: Asphalt Purchases from O&G Industries   Burwick
  CCM Model Ordinance   
  Draft Ordinance   
04/24/2019  Cover Memo   Toma
Public Notices   
Date Document Description
 07/10/2019 Legal Notice   
 06/22/2019 Public Hearing Notice