Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - T29.037

Item No.  T29.037 Type  RES
Description  Establishing Fees for City Owned Garages Final Res/Ord # 3784
Committee  Transportation Date Final Action 03/07/2016
Date Submitted  06/05/2015 Other  
Submitted By  DeLuca    
Date Document Description Author
03/07/2016 Final Resolution No. 3784  
01/14/2016 Rate Backup  
01/14/2016 Revised Amended Resolution Rosenson
01/13/2016  Amended Resolution Benson
11/19/2015   Resolution as approved by Committee  
11/18/2015  Mayor's proposed fee changes   
10/27/2015  Proposed revised resolution  Rosenson
10/19/2015  Committee actions at 10/19/2015 meeting  Rosenson
09/24/2015  Handout of recommended changes   Orgera
08/07/2015  Revised Draft Resolution   Rosenson
07/24/2015   Revised Draft Resolution   
06/08/2015   Draft Resolution    
Public Notices   
Date Document Description
02/12/2016  Public Hearing Notice