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File Summary - T30.051

Item No. T30.051 Type ORD
Description Amending Chapter 231 (Vehicles and Traffic) Section 231-6 ( Prohibited Stopping, Standing or Parking)  Final Res/Ord # 1265
Committee Transportation Date Final Action 08/03/2020
Date Submitted 06/02/2020 Other  
Submitted By Mayor Martin    
Date Document Description Author
08/03/2020 Final Ordinance No. 1265  
07/23/2020 Draft Ordinance as amended by Committee  
06/26/2020   Email from Rep. McMullen re: violations   
06/19/2020  Beach Violation Comparison   
  Code ยง 231-7 - Parking Violation Penalties   
  Draft Ordinance   
   Proposed language Change   
   Cover Memo   
Public Notices   
Date Document Description
 07/18/2020 Public Hearing Notice (online version)