Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - WQ29.004

Item No.  wq29.004 Type ORD 


Amending Chapter 143, Health Systems of the Code of
Ordinances to Add Section 143-15, Testing of Newly Drilled Wells.

Final Res/Ord #


Committee  Stamford Water Quality Date Final Action 10/05/2015
Date Submitted  03/04/2015 Other  
Submitted By  Rep. Nabel    
Date Document Description Author
10/05/2015  Final Ordinance No. 1205   
09/01/2015  Revised Draft Ordinance  Rosenson
08/31/2015  Amended Draft Ordinance  Rosenson
08/24/2015  Amended Draft Ordinance   Federici/Fountain
05/14/2015   Update regarding Well Testing   Federici
05/14/2015   Background Information re: ordinance   Federici
   Draft Ordinance   Fountain
Public Notices   
Date Document Description
10/20/2015 Notice of Final Adoption   
09/21/2015 Public Hearing Notice