Stamford Board of Representatives

December 2020

12/02/2020 - Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Committee - Ordinance Amending Code §21-3 to Bring the Requirements for Renaming Existing City Streets in Line with Commemorative Naming of City Facilities

12/02/2020 - Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Committee - Resolution Approving the Sale of Property Located at 0 West Park Place (a/k/a 66 West Park Place & Park Square West III), Stamford, Connecticut by the City of Stamford Urban Redevelopment Commission to Tullamore LLC

12/02/2020 - Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Committee - Ordinance Creating a City of Stamford Historic Preservation Trust Fund


November 2020

11/17/2020 - Parks & Recreation Committee - Resolution Approving Ballfield Advertising Banner Fees


October 2020

10/20/2020 - Legislative & Rules Committee - Ordinance Concerning a Tax Abatement Agreement Among the City of Stamford and LHT4 Limited Partnership and the Housing Authority of the City of Stamford for 34 Below Market Units Located at 31-97 Custer Street (Odd Numbers Only), Stamford, CT

10/20/2020 - Parks & Recreation Committee - Resolution Establishing Fees for E. Gaynor Brennan Golf Course 2021

10/19/2020 - Housing/Communicty Development/Social Services Committee - Ordinance Providing for the Creation of an Affordable Housing Trust Fund in the City of Stamford

September 2020

09/22/2020 - Legislative & Rules Committee - Ordinance Concerning Polystyrene and Retail Vendors

09/22/2020 - Parks & Recreation Committee - Ordinance Amending Chapter 175, Parks and Recreation, Sec. 175-1 to require a Resolution of the Board of Representatives to Designate of any City Park or Recreational Facility as "Permit Parking Only."

July 2020

07/23/2020 - Transportation Committee - Ordinance Amending Chapter 231 (Vehicles and Traffic) Section 231-44 (Violations And Penalties) of the Code of Ordinances

07/23/2020 - Transportation Committee - Ordinance Amending Chapter 231 (Vehicles and Traffic) Section 231-6 (Prohibited Stopping, Standing or Parking) of the Code of Ordinances

07/23/2020 - Transportation Committee - Ordinance Amending Article III (Residential Parking Program) Section 231-36 (Technical Evaluation Criteria) of the Code of Ordinances to Add Sub-Section (I) New Residential Permit Program Zones

07/21/2020 - Parks and Recreation Commitee - Resolution Establishing Fees for Terry Conners Ice Rink

07/21/2020 - Parks and Recreation Committee - Ordinance Amending Chapter 84 of The Code of Ordinances, “Boats” to Require a Permit Prior to Using Cityowned Boat Slips

07/15/2020 - Housing/Communicty Development/Social Services Committee - the PY2020 CDBG-CV Annual Action Plan (Including Funding Recommendations)

June 2020

06/30/2020 - Housing/Communicty Development/Social Services Committee - of the PY2020 CDBG-CV Proposals from Applicants

06/15/2020 - Housing/Communicty Development/Social Services Committee - To Solicit Citizen Input/Comments on the Amendment of Citizen Service Participation Plan for PY2020 CDBG-CV Funds

May 2020

05/27/2020 - Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Committee - Resolution To Authorize the Acquisition by Negotiated Agreement or Eminent Domain Of Property Located at 4 Pulaski Street, 21 Pulaski Street, 256 Washington Blvd., and 274 Washington Connection with the Washington Blvd. and Pulaski Street Widening Project 

05/18/2020 - Housing/Community Development/Social Services Committee - Resolution Approving a List of Programs to the State Department of Revenue Services in Accordance with the Provisions of the Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act

April 2020

04/28/2020 - Parks & Recreation Committee - Resolution Approving a License Agreement between the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, First Southern District and the City of Stamford: Use of Cummings Park Marina Boat House

March 2020

03/30/2020 - Legislative & Rules Committeee -  Resolution approving the Sale of 0 High Ridge Road, Stamford, CT to the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation

03/16/2020 - Housing/Community Development/Social Services Committee -Year 46 CDBG Proposals (2020-21)

February 2020

02/27/2020 - Public Safety & Health Committee - Resolution Concerning Food Establishment Plan Review

02/18/2020 - Parks & Recreation Committee - Resolution Establishing Fees for the E.G. Brennan Municipal Golf Course for the 2020 Golf Season

02/18/2020 - Parks & Recreation Committee - Resolution Establishing Fees for the Terry Conners Ice Rink

02/18/2020 - Legislative & Rules Committee - Ordinance Providing for the Regulation of Exterior Lighting in the City of Stamford

02/18/2020 - Legislative & Rules Committee - Ordinance Concerning the Use of Single-Use Plastic Straws and Stirrers by Food or Beverage Establishments

January 2020

01/29/2020 - Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Committee Resoluion - Resolution Approving a Land Swap between O&G Industries Inc. & City of Stamford Related to FST CV 09-5012574S

01/27/2020 - Housing/Community Development/Social Services Committee -Year 46 CDBG Proposals (2020-21)