Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - CS29.020

Item No.  CS29.020 Type  ORD
Description  Revising Land Use and Zoning fees Final Res/Ord #  1235
Committee  Cost Savings & Revenue Enhancement Date Final Action  10/02/2017
Date Submitted  07/12/2017 Other  
Submitted By  Mayor Martin    
Date Document Description Author
10/02/2017 Final Ordinance No. 1235  
09/25/2017 Ordinance as Revised by Committee  
08/28/2017 Ordinance as Revised by Committee  
07/27/2017 Comparison of 7/27/17 Proposal with Fees Approved 1/3/17  Rosenson
07/27/2017 Application of Proposed Fees to 2016 Projects  Blessing
07/27/2017 Power Point Presentation  Blessing
07/27/2017  Revised Draft Ordinance   Blessing
07/25/2017  Legal Opinion re: Proposed Ordinance re: Adjustment of Land Use Fees   Toma
07/17/2017  Cost Impact of Proposed Fees   
07/17/2017  Comparison with Fees Approved 1/3/17   Rosenson
07/17/2017  Draft Ordinance   
Public Notices   
Date Document Description
 10/18/2017 Legal Notice   
 09/18/2017 Public Hearing Notice