Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - LR30.103

Item No.  LR30.103 Type  ORD
Description  Amendment to Section 111-6 of the Code of Ordinances Final Res/Ord #  1274
Committee  Legislative & Rules Date Final Action  08/02/2021
Date Submitted  12/07/2020 Other  
Submitted By  Reps. Jacobson, Sherwood, de la Cruz, Lee, Miller, Lion, Morson    
Date Document Description Author
08/02/2021 Final Ordinance No. 1274    
08/02/2021 Ordinance as Amended by Full Board    
07/20/2021 Ordinance as Amended by Committee    
  CGS ยง22-350a    
07/20/2021 Rep. Jacobson Proposed Amendment    
07/20/2021 Email from Constituent Fusco  
  Raleigh, NC Ordinance    
07/18/2021 Email from Rep. McMullen    
07/09/2021 Alternative Language provided by Rep. Jacobson    
07/06/2021 Email from Constituent Fusco  
07/05/2021 Email from Humane Society    
06/22/2021 Ordinance as amended by Committee for final adoption    
06/22/2021 Emails received from Constituents    
06/21/2021 Letter from AKC    
06/21/2021 Emails received from Constituents    
06/15/2021 Letter sent to Board members from PETA    
Summer 2019 Article in Humane Society Animal Sheltering Magazine re: inclusion and equity Arrington  
  Letter re: SB272 being discriminatory from Alice Harrington VFDCB Legislative Liaison Harrington  
05/25/2021 Email from Rep. McMullen re: tethering ordinance discriminatory    
05/18/2021 T. Cobb Comments on proposed change    
05/18/2021 Proposed ordinance as amended by Committee    
05/14/2021 Proposed revised amendments from Rep. Jacobson Jacobson  
  T. Cobb comments on proposed ordinance    
07/23/2020 Letter from VA Attorney General to Animal Control Professionals    
  Letter from Nicholas Dodman, Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine    
  Letter from Michael W. Fox, Animal Doctor Columnist    
02/16/2021 Response to AKC Comments by Humane Society & Appendix A  Hornish
01/27/2021  Comments from AKC  Ober
01/27/2021  Proposed Amendments from AKC   Ober
01/11/2020  Comments from Humane Society   Hornish
01/11/2020  Proposed Amendment from Humane Society   Hornish
01/06/2020  Proposed Language Change   Jacobson
Public Notices   
Date Document Description
 08/11/2021 Notice of Final Adoption   
06/17/2021 Public Hearing Notice