Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - LU30.028

Item No.   LU30.028 Type  REJ
Description Amendment to the Master Plan under MP Application # 433 pursuant to Charter §C6-30-7 Final Res/Ord #
Committee Land Use/Urban Redevelopment  Date Final Action  
Date Submitted  01/18/2019 Other  
Submitted By  Planning Board    
Date Document Description Author
  Certificate of Final Decision  
03/04/2019 Email from Land Use Bureau Chief Blessing  
02/27/2019 NRZ Presentation materials  
02/26/2019 Memo re: Master Plan Amendment Petition Procedure Emmett
02/25/2019 Email from David Judge  
10/23/2018 Southeast Neighborhood Study Final Report  
02/15/2019  Memo from Planning Board re: consideration of Applications MP-432 & MP-433  Blessing/Woods
01/18/2019  Petition    
01/09/2019 Legal Notice of Approval  
01/02/2019 Planning Board Approved Minutes  
11/27/2018 Planning Board Approved Minutes  
06/27/2017 Planning Board Approved Minutes  
  Proposed Changes Map - MP 432 & MP 433  
  Site Plan  
12/14/2018 LUB Revised Staff Report  - MP 432 & MP 433 Woods
11/21/2018 LUB Staff Report - MP 432 & MP 433 Woods
11/15/2018 Notice of Public Hearing  
11/15/2018 Certificate of Mailing & Sample Letter Woods
11/13/2018 Application for Amendment of Stamford Master Plan - MP-433 City of Stamford Planning Board
Public Notices   
Date Document Description
02/21/2019 Public Hearing Notice   
 02/14/2019 Public Hearing Notice