Stamford Board of Representatives


File Summary - O30.016

Item No.  O30.016 Type  APP
Description  Agreement with Wengell, McDonnell & Costello for West Main Street Bridge - Walkway Rehabilitation Project Final Res/Ord #  
Committee  Operations Date Final Action  
Date Submitted  07/10/2018 Other  
Submitted By  Mayor Martin    
Date Document Description Author
09/04/2018 Revised Agreement - Signed  
09/04/2018 Revised Exhibit A  
09/04/2018 Revised Agreement - Redlined    
09/04/2018 Revised Exhibit A  - Redlined    
05/04/2018  Main Street Bridge Pedestrian Upgrade & Walkway Report  WMC
09/04/2018 Proposal April 2018  
09/04/2018 Cost Comparison  
09/04/2018 Alternate 4 Cost Opinion  
09/04/2018 Alternate 3 Cost Opinion  
09/04/2018 Alternate 2 Cost Opinion  
 09/04/2018 Alternate 1 Cost Opinion   
08/30/2018 Email  and timeline from Cynthia Reeder C. Reeder
08/28/2018 Email from Representative Watkins D. Watkins
08/28/2018 Email from Representative Sherwood N. Sherwood
08/28/2018 Petition for Pedestrian only  
08/28/2018 Petition for Vehicular and Pedestrian Bridge  
08/28/2018 Petition for Vehicular and Pedestrian Use ( Bonnie Campbell
08/27/2018 Letter from UCONN Stamford Campus Director Terrance C.
08/27/2018 Exhibit C Insurance Requirements  
08/27/2018 Exhibit B Design Man-Hour and Fee Summary  
08/27/2018 REVISED Exhibit A Final and Red-Lined  
08/27/2018 REVISED Agreement Final and Red-Lined  
8/27/2018 Memo from Attorney Chris Dellaselva regarding Revised West Main Street Bridge Dellaselva
08/23/2016  Memo from Lou Casolo regarding funding questions from the Board of Representatives Casolo
08/23/2016  Memo from Lou Casolo regarding West Main Street Bridge Options Casolo  
08/13/2018  Email from Kweskin   
08/06/2018  Petition received at Board Meeting   
08/06/2018 Memo from Mayor Martin re: West Main Street Bridge Contract  
08/06/2018 Email from Transportation Bureau Chief Travers re: Pros & Cons of Vehicular Bridge Travers
08/03/2018 Stamford Advocate Op-Ed Selkowitz/Williams
08/02/2018 Letter from WMC Consulting Engineers re: Emergency Vehicle Access  
07/31/2018  Aerial View  
07/24/2018 Legal Opinion re: Waiver of Proposal Process Toma
07/10/2018   Agreement   
Public Notices   
Date Document Description
 08/17/2018 Public Hearing Notice