Stamford Board of Representatives

Fiscal Budget Committee hearings are cancelled for this year.


All correspondence emailed or sent to the Board of Representatives office regarding the budget will be posted here. Please read the Board's Policy on posting communications.

Key Budget Dates:

  • Board of Finance Budget Hearing Schedule  NOTE - Special Budget Meeting is scheduled for 4/16/20
  • Fiscal Committee Hearing Schedule
  • March 31, 2020 - 7 pm - Joint Board of Finance/Board of Representatives Public Hearing -  Location: Rippowam Middle School,  381 High Ridge Road, Stamford,  CT
  • May 5, 2020 - BOR Meeting to approve the Budget - 8:00 p.m.
  • May 20, 2020 - BOF Meeting to set the Mill Rate - 7:00 p.m. 


Key Budget Documents: 

Please note that due to an upgrade to the City's website, some links on prior year budget pages may no longer work.  Please visit the Office of Policy and Budget Budget Information Page at  for documents relating to the City budget which are no longer available on the Board of Representatives website.





Communications to the Board:

 Letter from Hubbard Heights Association in Support of Transportation Budget 03/09/2020
Budget emails and additional petition signatures on property tax reduction 04/16/2020
Letter from constituent 04/23/2020
Petition regarding Property Tax Reduction 04/23/2020
Joint public hearing comments 04/23/2020
Terry Conners Support Emails 05/10/2020
Emails from Constituents 05/14/2020
Emails received by Board of Finance 05/18/2020
Emails from Constituents 05/21/2020
Emails received by Board of Finance 05/21/2020
Emails from Constituents 05/22/2020
Emails From Constituents 05/26/2020


Videos & Committee Reports of the Fiscal Committee's Budget Hearings:

Minutes and Video
 03/10/2020  Joint BOF/BOR Fiscal Committee Budget Hearing - Mayor's Presentation Minutes  &  Video
 04/23/2020  Joint BOF/BOR Fiscal Committee Budget  Public Hearing Minutes & Video
04/28/2020 Fiscal Committee Budget Meeting Minutes & Video
05/05/2020 Fiscal Committee Budget Meeting Minutes & Video
05/18/2020 Fiscal Committee Budget Meeting  Minutes & Video (Pt.1 & Pt.2)
05/28/2020 Fiscal Committee Budget Meeting  Minutes & Video (Pt.1 & Pt.2)
05/28/2020 Fiscal Committee Budget Deliberations  Minutes & Video


Budget Materials - Submitted by City Departments:

Budget Hearing Date
Mayor's Budget Presentation 03/10/2020
Grants Office Budget Presentation 03/12/2020
Controller's Office Presentation 03/12/2020
Traffic, Transportation& Parking Presentation & Department Summary 03/12/2020
Operations Administration Presentation & Department Summary 03/16/2020
Solid Waste Presentation & Department Summary 03/16/2020
Vehicle Maintenance Presentation & Department Summary 03/19/2020
Terry Conners Ice Rink Presentation & Department Summary 03/19/2020
Recreation Services Presentation, Star Center Presentation & Department Summary 04/01/2020
E. Gaynor Brennan Presentation & Department Summary 04/01/2020
Citizens Service Center Presentation & One Page Summary 04/16/2020
Land Use Bureau Presentation & One Page Summary 04/20/2020
Board of Education  04/29/2020


Budget Materials - Submitted by Outside Agencies:

Budget Hearing Date
DSSD Budget PresentationMaterials Submitted to Mayor  03/16/2020

For materials from 2019-2020 Budget Process, please click here