Stamford Board of Representatives

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Key Budget Dates:


Key Budget Documents: 





Communications to the Board:

Email from Jay Fountain re: Parking Revenue 03/31/2021
Email from Stamford Museum and Nature Center re: Capital Requests 03/29/2021


Videos & Committee Reports of the Fiscal Committee's Budget Hearings:

Minutes and Video
 3/09/2021 Budget Hearing - Mayor's Budget Presentation; Capital Budget Overview; Office of Administration; Debt Service; Mayor's Office MinutesVideo
03/11/2021 Budget Hearing - Operations Administration; Director of Operations; Vehicle Maintenance; Solid Waste Minutes & Video
03/15/2021 Budget Hearing - WPCA; Storm Water Management; Road Maintenance; Leaf Pick-up; Snow Removal Minutes & Video
03/22/2021 Budget Hearing - SEMS; Senior Center; Health Department; PSH&W Admin Minutes & Video
03/23/2021 Budget Hearing - Police Department; Animal Shelter; E-911; Stamford Fire Department Minutes & Video
03/24/2021 Budget Hearing - OTHRA; Community Arts Partnership Program; Economic Development; Stamford Museum; Stamford Partnership; DSSD; Bartlett Arboretum Minutes & Video
03/29/2021 Budget Hearing - Parking Management; Traffic Enforcement; Traffic Engineering; Special Events; Grants Office; Finance/Controller; Cashiering & Permitting; Tax & Collection; Citizens Services Center; OPM; Revenue Projections & Estimates - Private College & Hospital Properties & State-owned Properties Minutes & Video
03/30/2021 Board of Finance / BOR Fiscal Committee oint Public Hearing on the Budget Minutes & Video
03/31/2021 Budget Hearing - Terry Conners Ice Rink; Leisure Services; E.G. Brennan Golf Course; Mill River Coll.; Harbor Commission; Facilities & Parks Maintenance; Marina Management; Park & Beach Enforcement Minutes & Video
04/06/2021 Budget Hearing - Curtain Call Theatre; Center for the Arts; Stamford Symphony; Multicultural Counsel; Community Youth Music Program; Community Night Program; Community Grants Program; Social Services; Pension/OPEB, Assessment  Minutes & Video


Budget Materials - Submitted by City Departments:

Budget Hearing Date
Mayor's Budget Presentation and Summary 03/09/2021
Office of Administration Highlights and Power Point 03/09/2021
Office of Mayor Presentation 03/09/2021
Operations Administration Highlights 03/11/2021
Vehicle Maintenance Executive Summary 03/11/2021
Reclycling & Sanitation Highlights and Power Point 03/11/2021
Vehicle Maintenance & Sanitation Director McGrath Comments 03/11/2021
WPCA Budget Summary 03/15/2021
Highways (Storm Water Management, Road Maintenance, Leaf Pickup, Snow Removal) Summary 03/15/2021
Health Department Summary 03/22/2021
Police Department Presentation 03/23/2021
Emergency Communications Center Summary 03/23/2021
Fire Department Presentation 03/23/2021
Transportation, Traffic & Parking Bureau Summary 03/29/2021
OPM Summary 03/29/2021
Revenue Projections Presentation 03/29/2021
Grants Office Summary 03/29/2021
Cashiering & Permitting; Tax & Collection Summary 03/29/2021
Terry Conners Rink Summary 03/31/2021
Leisure Services Summary 03/31/2021
EG Brennan Golf Course Summary 03/31/2021
Harbor Management Commission Summary 03/31/2021
Facilities & Parks Maintenance Presentation & Overview 03/31/2021
Social Services Summary 04/06/2021
Pension/OPEB Presentation 04/06/2021
Assessment Presentation 04/06/2021
Engineering Presentation 04/13/2021
Building Inspection Summary and Presentation 04/13/2021
Land Use Bureau Summary 04/13/2021
Board of Education Summary 04/14/2021
Human Resources Summary & Leadership Training Institute Description 04/19/2021


Budget Materials - Submitted by Outside Agencies:

Budget Hearing Date
Stamford Emergency Medical Services  03/22/2021
Stamford Senior Center  03/22/2021
Stamford Museum & Nature Center  03/24/2021
Stamford Partnership  03/24/2021
DSSD  03/24/2021
Bartlett Arboretum  03/24/2021
Mill River Collaborative  03/31/2021
Curtain Call Theater  
Stamford Symphony  04/06/2021
Mayor's Multicultural Council  04/06/2021

For materials from 2020-2021 Budget Process, please click here