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Item No.  E31.020 Type  APP
Description Agreement between the City of Stamford and Colliers Project Leaders USA NE, LLC
for Advisory Services in Connection with the Construction of the New Westhill High School under RFP No. 887
Final Res/Ord #  
Committee  Education Date Final Action  
Date Submitted  04/20/2023 Other  
Submitted By  Mayor Simmons    
Date Document Description Author
05/22/2023  Amended Agreement per BOF Requests and BOR Special Meeting Minutes Dellaselva
04/20/2023  Memo from Chris Dellaselva   
   Agreement (with Exhibits A, B, and C)   
09/29/2022  RFP No. 887   
10/20/2022  Exhibit B2 Addendum No. 1 to RFP 887   
10/27/2022 Exhibit B3 - Proposal  
10/27/2022  Exhibit B4 - Fee Proposal  
12/14/2022  Exhibit B5 - Memo from Erik Larson w/ pre-interview questions  
12/28/2022  Exhibit B6 - Letter from Colliers re: pre-interview questions  
01/10/2023 Exhibit B7 - Presentation  
01/19/2023 Exhibit B8 - Memo from Erik Larson w/ follow-up questions  
01/25/2023 Exhibit B9 - Letter from Colliers re: follow-up questions  
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