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Approval of Additional Mill Rate 05/19/2022 F31.066
Appropriation from Contingency 07/03/14 F29.090
Contract Language regarding gifts & political contributions 8/27/08 F27.445
Golf Carts-Property Tax-E. Gaynor Brennan Golf Course 04/16/08 PR27.029
Successive Phased-In Assessments - Proper Methodology 04/03/08 F27.406
Resolution requiring a revaluation in 2007 07/2007  
Opinion from BOE attorney re:  contingent appropriations in the budget process 04/24/03  
Administration's ability to reduce previously appropriated capital accounts 03/07/03  
Special Act 99-10; increased funding for nursing home staffing 11/08/99  
Board of Representatives approval of WPCA budget is an approval of its rate structure 10/07/98  
Park/Playground Equipment turned over to the City/gifts 03/20/96