Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - LU30.030

Item No.  LU30.030 Type  RES
Description  Creating a South End Historic District Study Committee Final Res/Ord # 4085 
Committee  Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Date Final Action  2/1/21
Date Submitted  06/03/2019 Other  
Submitted By  Rep. Adams    
Date Document Description Author
02/01/2021 Final Resolution No. 4085  
01/27/2021 Revised Resolution (w/ language clean-up) and Preliminary Scope of Work Blessing 
01/25/2021 Revised Resolution and Preliminary Scope of Work Blessing
  1986 Map  
12/30/2020 Proposed revisions from Rep. Sherwood and Ralph Blessing Sherwood
12/30/2020 email from Ralph Blessing Blessing
05/04/2020 Public Comment Read Into Record at Board Meeting  
03/06/2020 Mail from Constituents  
02/20/2020 Mail from Constituents  
02/13/2020 Mail from Constituents  
02/06/2020 Mail from Constituents  
01/15/2020 Mail from Constituents  
01/08/2020 Mail from Constituents  
01/02/2020 Email from Halpern to HPAC  
12/27/2019 Mail from Constituents  
12/23/2019 Email from Constituents  
12/17/2019 Memo from HPAC re: South End Study Goslin
12/17/2019 Emails from Constituents  
12/11/2019 Emails from Constituents  
12/05/2019 Emails from Constituents  
11/04/2019 Email from Sheila Barney  
10/30/2019 Email from Fulvio Tamburo  
10/30/2019 Email from John DaRosa (sent by Elizabeth McCauley) DaRosa
10/30/2019 Email from Brad Phillips  
10/30/2019 Email from Andres Hogg  
10/30/2019 Email from Ted Ferrarone  
10/30/2019 Email from Irene Toigo  
10/29/2019 Email from Kathryn Emmett  
10/29/2019 Email from Mary Dunne, SHPO Dunne
10/29/2019 Email from  Reverend Exantus (sent by Elizabeth McCauley) Exantus
10/29/2019 Email from Marlene Rhome Rhome
10/29/2019 Email from Susan Halpern Halpern
10/26/2019 Memo from Renee Kahn (sent by Susan Halpern) Kahn
10/25/2019 Proposed Amended Resolution - Clean Adams
10/25/2019 Proposed Amended Resolution - Redline Adams
10/24/2019 Email from Ted Ferrarone  
10/22/2019 Email from Co-Chair de la Cruz to Ted Ferrarone  
10/17/2019 Letter from SHPO to Mayor Martin Dunne
10/16/2019 Email from Elizabeth McCauley  
10/15/2019  Email from Ted Ferrarone   
09/25/2019 Quigley comments read into record  
09/25/2019 Letter from Wes Haynes  
09/24/2019 Email from Mary Dunne to Rep. Sherwood  
09/24-25/2019 Second E-Mail Stream  
09/03/2019 Ganues comments read into the record  
10/23/2018  South End Neighborhood Study (information about historic preservation issues and strategies begins at page 16)   
08/28-29/2019   Email Stream from public   
  CGS §7-147b  - Procedure for establishment of historic district   
07/15/2019  Legal Opinion re: Authority of Board of Representatives   Toma
07/16/2019  Draft Resolution  Adams
05/16/2019  Letter from South End NRZ Initiative re: establishing Historic District  Adams/Halpern/Barney
Public Notices   
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