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Item No. PR30.020 Type APP
Description Agreement between City of Stamford and Hole in One Cart Rental, Inc. for Golf Course Management
and Golf Cart Rental Services for E. Gaynor Brennan Golf Course Under RFP No. 752.
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Committee Parks & Recreation Date Final Action  
Date Submitted 02/07/2019 Other  
Submitted By Mayor Martin    
Date Document Description Author
03/05/2018  Exhibit C- BOR Resolution No. 3886 re: EGB Golf Course Fees   
  Exhibit B1- Email string  
10/10/2018  Exhibit B- Operator's Proposal   
10/04/2018  Exhibit A2 - RFP No. 752 Addendum No. 2  
10/02/2018  Exhibit A1 - RFP No. 752 Addendum No. 1   
09/19/2018 Exhibit A - RFP No. 752   
02/07/2019 Agreement   
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