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Key Budget Dates:

Key Budget Documents: 

Please note that due to an upgrade to the City's website, some links on prior year budget pages may no longer work.  Please visit the Office of Policy and Budget Budget Information Page at  for documents relating to the City budget which are no longer available on the Board of Representatives website. 




Communications to the Board:



Videos & Committee Reports of the Fiscal Committee's Budget Meetings:

Minutes and Video
 03/08/2023 Budget Presentations - Mayor's Budget Presentation; Capital Budget Overview; Office of Administration; Debt Service; Mayor's Office Minutes & Video
 03/14/2023  Budget Presentations - Operations-Administration Vehicle Maintenance, Solid Waste (Incl. Transfer Station, Collections, Haulaway, Recycling), Storm Water Management, Road Maintenance, Leaf Pick-up, Snow Removal Minutes & Video


Budget Materials - Submitted by City Departments:

Budget Hearing Date
Mayor's Budget Presentation 03/08/2023
Capital Budget, Office of Administration & Debt Service 03/08/2023
Mayor's Office (Including Youth Services Bureau, Citizens Services, and Economic Development) 03/08/2023
Operations Administration 03/14/2023
Vehicle Maintenance  03/14/2023
Recycling & Sanitation Summary and PowerPoint Presentation 03/14/2023
Road Maintenance & Storm Water 03/14/2023
Anti-Blight 03/16/2023
OPM 03/16/2023
Grants Office 03/16/2023
Risk Management 03/16/2023
Purchasing 03/16/2023
Controller's Office 03/16/2023
Assessor's Office 03/16/2023
Tax & Collection [includes Cashiering & Permitting] 03/16/2023
Transportation, Traffic & Parking Summary and PowerPoint Presentation 03/16/2023
WPCA 03/21/2023
Parks & Recreation 03/21/2023
Terry Conners Ice Rink 03/21/2023
EG Brennan Golf Course 03/21/2023
E-911 03/23/2023
Stamford Fire Department 03/23/2023
Board of Education Budget Summary 03/30/2023


Budget Materials - Submitted by Outside Agencies:

Budget Hearing Date
Bartlett Arboretum (& Audited Financials) 03/21/2023
Mill River Collaborative 03/21/2023

For materials from 2022-2023 Budget Process, please click here